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Navy Seals Part 70

When there was a guard shift, I told my brothers in arms that next time when I take one of the guards down, that they had to take the other down in whatever way possible.  10 minutes later, when the guards started to let their guard down, I took one down, hoping that my brothers would take the other guard down.  They didn’t and just before the second guard called for help, I managed to strike him in the head and he blacked out.  My comrades slowly got out and I could tell that they had been tortured.  We regrouped and we would try to siege this camp before they discovered the missing prisoners.  We called in the riot squad team and hoped that they would get here before the private army started to move out.


Navy Seals Part 69

As I was making my way to camp, I nearly was spotted and a patrol came around even though I had to make quite a bit of noise to get myself into a hiding spot.  Luckily the patrol was drunk from finding their commanders and the people who took them, so they couldn’t hear it even if they were sober.  As I made my way through the tents looking into them and trying to find where they had taken my friends, I saw where they had the medical stations and where they were keeping all of the injured soldiers.  I walked up to the last tent and I saw two guards outside of the tent and I knew that this was where they were keeping my comrades and I had to help them out of here.  


Navy Seals Part 68

I was woken up at 7:00 for my shift only to find that everyone was gone.  I searched the entire house and no one was here with me.  I looked out of the window then I saw where everyone was…….  They were all captured by the private army and were going to be executed in about two to three hours.  I knew that I had to move, but it was just a matter of time before they were executed.  My first problem was to try to get out of the house.  I could try to go out the back door but they might have patrols going around and I don’t want to get caught, because if I get caught there won’t be anyone who could save us.  It was all up to me, I had to save everyone and it was now or never.  I quietly moved to a location where I can see everything and what everyone was doing.  

Navy Seals Part 67

As they left we asked our pilots why they had brought us to this location.  They told us that no one would look here.  We then questioned how they thought that this location would be safe.  We would have to be ready for anything that could possibly go wrong.  We would have guard shifts and we would have three shifts of eight hours.  On each shift, we would have at least three guards.  If one guard suddenly disappeared, the other guards will have to wake up everyone.  Last night was our first night trying the shifts and everything went okay.  If the private army does come, we expect them to come within the next month.  I went to sleep tonight, hoping that I wouldn’t be woken up before my shift…..


Navy Seals Part 66

As we were leaving the aircraft they questioned us on certain topics.  They asked us why we had 3 commanders tied up.  We said that they were our own commanders and that we said that they were enemy commanders just to get through military checkpoints.  They told us that there weren’t any military checkpoints and we told them to check again.  They knew that this was a diversion to try to get them away from us.  They didn’t buy it, but we told them the whole story and how we used to be in this private army and that we found out that they were planning an attack on the U.S.  They thanked us for telling them and they said that they were going to tell the government.  We told them that we were going to bring these commanders into justice, but we needed to go so that the private army couldn’t find us.  With that they let us go but they warned us that if we were lying, they would find us and bring us to justice.  

Navy Seals Part 65

There was only enough fuel for about two hours of flying.  We knew that we had to get high enough up and into the air so that we could glide down if we need to.  We then started flying up as a missile barely missed us.  We then looked out the window and saw two fighter jets pull up alongside of us.  They radioed us and told us to stand down and that this was the american military.  This wasn’t the private army but they could have just payed the american military to receive their commanders back.  We were going to make sure that this wasn’t going to happen.  We did as we were asked and we flew down to an airport somewhere in Cuba.  We then were told to get out of the aircraft so they could see if we were either kidnapping or if we were carrying drugs.  We knew that this too was also going to be a set up but we still obeyed.


Navy Seals Part 64

It turns out that instead of taking us to a small town on the outskirts of London, we landed somewhere in Italy.  The pilots came back and told us to go and see where we would be staying.  We knew that this was going to be a setup.  We refused to go and told them that we would stay on the plane.  They asked if we needed food and we told them sure and started to walk out when we got the pilot’s arms and told them that we knew that they were trying to bring us in.  We then kicked them out of the plane and started to take off.  We saw them try to shoot at us but then they remembered that the commanders were inside.  As we were flying into the horizon, we saw the fuel levels and nearly shouted.  

Navy Seals Part 63

As we walked past the security station, we were asked what we were doing here.  We said that we were going to england to carry out a special operation to transport these commanders to a classified location.  With that the security personnel moved aside and let us walk to our private jet.  As we were taking off we overheard the pilot’s conversation and everyone grew very quiet.  What we heard was that they were making a plan to take us somewhere else.  We didn’t think that they would betray us, but we were transporting very valuable cargo and we think that the private military would pay all that they have to bribe some people that are helping us transport these commanders.  As we leveled out to cruise altitude, we went and checked on the pilots.  The pilots didn’t know that we knew that they were going to take us somewhere else so, we decided to play along with this game.


Navy Seals Part 62

We were proceeding even further when another patrol walked by.  We hid from them so they couldn’t see us.  We then continued to casually walk along and the guards opened the gate and didn’t second guess us.  We went to the parking lot and broke into a military truck.  We checked the fuel and we were off.  We were all hoping that we wouldn’t get caught.  We passed the first series of checkpoints and now we thought that we had actually gotten out of the base.  We made way for the airport where our private jet was waiting for us.  The total time that we spent in the base was about a week.  We needed to go and get some water.  As we neared the airport we changed into our spare clothes and hoped that we wouldn’t be stopped as we neared the entrance.  


Navy Seals Part 61

As we were close to the gates, we noticed that they were all closed and the electric fence was on so the only way that we could escape was by going over the fence.  We then went to the armory and we equipped ourselves with a light bullet proof vest so that we could move fast, but also so that if we got shot at it can stop a bullet.  We then started to move, so that it would be unpredictable.  As we were moving one of the generals started trying to make sounds we cut off his finger so that he would remain quiet.  
As we were proceeding out of the compound, we were stopped and questioned.  The guards that stopped us asked us why we were helping an injured man.  We told them that we had found the traitors and we were requested to take him to the main headquarters.

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